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chat rooms....the theme parks of the internet! - Meg [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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chat rooms....the theme parks of the internet! [Jun. 15th, 2002|12:27 pm]
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dude...last night was SOO much fun. lauryn courtney and i went into all these chatrooms...causing trouble for grannies across the nation! (lauryn...I CAN SEE HIM...HES WITH HER! IN OUR BED!...NO!!!!!!!) haha...thats what it was like the ENTIRE time. i as suffering from a psychotic breakup..and was about to commit suicide. lauryn ate bacon and sucked on unpeeled bananas. and courtney...i dont know EXACTLY what she was doing. but it was funny as hell. im still laughing. and this one girl was like stalking me cuz she thought i had a webcam...and also thought that i was 65! there are sum REALLY gross ppl out there man. who wants to see a 65 year old on a webcam?!!!! ughhh. and this was all after me and lauryn discussed our "shane" dreams. that was...omg...SOOO funny. i bet he still has scars! hahahaha! ROFLMFAO! we had to help him "relieve stress" after the play! omg...i cant breathe...im laughing too hard. SOMEONE CALL A DOCTOR!!!!!!

[User Picture]From: effin_sexay
2002-06-15 12:10 pm (UTC)
oh man.. i hope we didn't make him bleed - cackle -

if my dad asks.. they're "battle" scars ROFL.

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