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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2002|06:33 pm]
[Current Mood |deviousdevious]
[Current Music |celine dion (parental units are totally screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!)]

IM GOING TO SEE MURDER BY NUMBERS!!! now im kinda glad i didnt get invited to that party. plus...i dont have school for 3 months!! hell yeah! everyone was acting SO fake today...it was sick. they were all fake crying. i was actually sad that i couldnt cry. i had no reason to cry...not one. and then everyone is like "oh my god! im an 8th grader!" big fricken deal. i really dont care either way. i dont really get excited about anything that has to do with school. it has physically drained me of any positive emotion. cept for my love for shane <3 !!! (shout out to krysha) ooo...did i ever tell u guyz about patrick (patricia..for everyone that was an emerald knight!) he is a REALLY nice guy! i mean....extreamly totally majorly spectacularly nice! its a shame that we werent as good friends as we were last year. every girl that goes to school at 71st classical will like him at sum point in time (dont worry i already did last year...been there, done that) but he came up to me before 4th and was gonna give me a hug..but ms melton called him in before i could hug him. but then after 4th he came and found me and hugged me. when i get my pictures developed u can see who patrick is. does he go out with dalia? i think he does...and she better not play him like she did last year..hes way too nice! i know ive said that a lot...but im serious...hes REALLY nice. its gonna be kewl having all the emerald knights together again next year. and we get sum of the red knights too...like zan, andrew, colin, and mac. its gonna be kewl. too bad brent had to leave. does anyone know why he got kicked out in the first place? ooo...and me and sarah can play jacob in 4 of a kind. last year, the day before christmas break..we were playing. jacob had sarahs jack and she elbowed him to get it. he fell and she stepped on him. it was great. we were so stupid as sixth graders. but now i think about it..it wont be the same. i dont hang with these ppl anymore. i talk to sarah after school and stuff...like on the internet..but during school its not the same. shes with the popular ppl...cuz she is the popular person. and im a loner more or less. im kinda bored now. where is krysha?! she hasnt been on all day. i wonder if she saw the new efanguide layout ( http://www.efanguide.com/~shanewest ) its pretty...i gave one of the pictures..its the J14 one. so gorgeous. im gonna have a sw AIM icon pretty soon too!! XD and im cordially invited to the weeding of "landon rollins carter and jaimie elizabeth sullivan" i dont know what to get them! but its a 4:00 on Friday, June 15, 2002. i cant wait! krysha...e mail me for ur invitation..i have one for u. and this is SERIOUSLY gonna happen! i know it seems impossible..but im going to their wedding. hahaha...hotness.

° meg °
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2002|08:26 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |coldplay *-trouble-*]

HEY! its shanes bday!!!!!! YAY! and my brother graduated today too. hes still a big baby though. im kinda sad...i have to go to school tomorrow. but its only tomorrow and half a day wednesday. just 12 hours total. -sigh- im going to the beach from july 21st to july 28th. i was supposed to bring a frined...but im not sure who to bring. i feel tired. im not sleepy...but im tired. its weird. i get this a lot. like im confused...but dont have anything to be confused about. tears. im kinda empty now...so im going to go.
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2002|07:54 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |matchbox 20 "bent"]

So delinquent: o m f g meg
So delinquent: chrissy and i
So delinquent: talked to shane
Lbnez epiphone: ....nick is gonna show up any minute meg
So delinquent: in an IM
Lbnez epiphone: what the helll?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So delinquent: an
So delinquent: *and
So delinquent: i was like
So delinquent: "....................... I LOE YOU."
Lbnez epiphone: and where was I?!
So delinquent: *LOVE
So delinquent: not here lmao
So delinquent: it was a while ago
Lbnez epiphone: ur fellow shane freak....feels completley ignored
Lbnez epiphone: and i hear about it NOW?!!!!!!!
So delinquent: well I didn't want to tell you unless he got online again.
So delinquent: his sn was averagejo16.
Lbnez epiphone: is he on NOW>!
So delinquent: no.
So delinquent: BUT
So delinquent: i just wanted to say.
So delinquent: I mentioned you.
So delinquent: so be calm.
So delinquent: =D
Lbnez epiphone: damn skippy
Lbnez epiphone: i put him on my buddy list....how the hell did this happen...and what exactly was said
So delinquent: i said that we are his biggest fans and he's all like "you must be.. you did the research to get my screen name"
Lbnez epiphone: i want all details
Lbnez epiphone: how did u get it anyway?!!!!!
So delinquent: my friend gave it to me.. then i was scared to IM him.. and chrissy did
Lbnez epiphone: dammit krysha...do u understand how unbelievably great this is?!!!!!!!!
Lbnez epiphone: u talked to the hotttest...sexiest....dkfjdklfjda;fj
So delinquent: yeah but he never signed on again.
So delinquent: he probably didn't want me to find out his personal info.
Lbnez epiphone: if ur joking about this.......im gonna kill u...he prolly changed it
So delinquent: even though i know more about him then he does.
So delinquent: xD
So delinquent: i'm NOT
So delinquent: ask chrissy.
Lbnez epiphone: how?
So delinquent: when she gets online IM her
So delinquent: sportskid00
Lbnez epiphone: im still baffled....U TALKED TO SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So delinquent: at least i hope it was him..
So delinquent: and that natasha wasn't shitting me
So delinquent: wait.. it wasn't natasha..
So delinquent: it was from that other person
So delinquent: some jonny was fansite person
Lbnez epiphone: what?!....
So delinquent: natasha runs the efanguide.
Lbnez epiphone: u did save the convo didnt u?! i mean u wouldnt have deleted it...i would like to think u were smart enough to save sumthing that valuable
Lbnez epiphone: do u have her sn?...i have her e mail adress
Lbnez epiphone: nick?...are u comprehending this?!
So delinquent: it was in my girl on tv filing cabinet.. but i deleted it.. but chrissy should have it
So delinquent: i don't wanna read it i was such a loser
So delinquent: i was speechless.
Lbnez epiphone: kysha.....U R SO STUPID!!!!!!!!! u deleted it?!!!! u deleted evidence of shane....actually talking to him....i cannot believe this!!!!!
So delinquent: CHRISSY HAS IT
So delinquent: SO SHH!
Lbnez epiphone: (btw..understand im going to say very stupid stuff that i do not mean...im still in shock)
Lbnez epiphone: U TALKED TO SHANE WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So delinquent: CALM DOWN
So delinquent: I HAD GOTTEN OVER IT
Lbnez epiphone: -hits head over and over-
So delinquent: LMAO
Lbnez epiphone: HOW DO U GET OVER THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!
So delinquent: WELL I DIDN'T
So delinquent: ROFL

i still cant believe it...she talked to shane!!!!AHH!! that is so FUCKING AWSOME!!!!
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2002|04:46 pm]
[Current Mood |sillysilly]
[Current Music |no doubt *hella goo* (i kinda hate this song)]


the party was kewl. dustin went off on this one Nirvana song (his hereos!) it was really fun cuz hes really little (for a senior anyway)..hes shorter than me! and then he went off on our kick boxing bag....i laughed so hard...i cant describe it. anyway i went to the mall today. i FINALLY OWN the perks of bein a wallflower. and i got new nail polish for justins graduation tomorrow. which BTW is SHANES BIRTHDAY!!! i have a new favorite song. its papa dont preach...u know the kelley osbourne version..its really kewl. and thats really about it.

laterz homiez
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2002|12:40 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |kylie menogue]

i know that sebastian hates this thing...but dude..its so kewl!

jaimie: looks at landon in a shocked way (not believing that he got a star for her and crossed it off her list without knowing) "I love you"

Landon: -in shock- leans in and kisses her. then goes his hand on her cheek...then the other hand on the other cheek! then jaimie protests against it because she cant trust herself (who could?!!!) "Im stopping"

then REPLAY! haha..scary how i know that isnt it?! ive only seen the movie twice. this is why they call me obsessed. but ill get back to u guyz later...port charles is on so i gotta catch it -crosses fingers that rafe and allison will get back together-
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(no subject) [Jun. 6th, 2002|09:46 pm]
[Current Mood |hothot]
[Current Music |pop rock radio]

HEY! omg..im kinda happy rite now. ahhh!!! dude mandy moore got best breakthrough perfromance for AWTR!!!!! u go girl! im such a ditz..but i didnt see shane there..he must be practicing for the JONNY WAS SHOW ON JUNE 14!!! (at the roxy...go to http://www.jonnywas.com for more details) im bummed i cant go man, everyone thats been to their shows said that they were awsome. oh and IM CURED! i dont like josh (not pacey...another one...a far less cuter one than pacey!) no more!! im so happy...its been two LONG years! im mad hot yo. our air conditioning is broken on the upstairs...and my computer is upstairs...so im crazy from the hottness...all we got is this one puny fan in the hallway to kewl us down. thats why im sleeping downstairs where its nice and cold...YAY! and justins party is tomorrow! im so happy. im gonna chill with a bunch of seniors and act half-way kewl for a night. too bad im not going to massey like i wanna...then this senior thing would rock! its still going too. and Im going to the mall with my aunt tomorrow to find a birthday present...FOR ME!!! -grins- that reminds me...4 more dayz until Shanes b day!!! YAYness!!! ooo...and check out this poem i wrote...(i was feeling deep!)

i think about you

the stillness of everything
except the slowly blowing fan
i lay there....

i think about you
i think about what you said

then i smile and i wonder
how do you make me smile
even when youre not there....

I think about you
I think about what you said

the words repeat themselves in my head
i even laugh
im happy, you make me happy...

i think about you
i think about what you said

tears are in my eyes
you are so beautiful
because, you said....

I think about you
I think about how you said "I love you"

I smile again
And I think about you
I love you too.
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yearbook day [Jun. 3rd, 2002|04:22 pm]
[Current Mood |infuriatedinfuriated]
[Current Music |lfo "summer girls"]

Yearbook day is a piece of SHIT! there is NO POINT to it at all. i now hate everyone (except for those very few) i am sooooo pissed. I HATE MY LIFE! besides being told 8 TIMES that no one likes me in an hour space...arghhh! and then why is it that he is such an ass hole only to me?! i mean really...i wasnt really going to bump into him...that would have been SO stupid. all i wanted him to do was sign my yearbook! its not like i wanted to go out with him or anything...just a fricken signature. andrew jones signed kourtneys!!! and then in the collauge sumone scribbled out my head..so now in every yearbook my head is a giant splotch of ink!!! they couldnt just cut me and lisa out of the picture...no they scribil (however u spell that) us out!! jesus...what the hell is wrong with these people?! i mean is it the goal of the STUPID school to make my life hell....i mean...DAMMIT..im tired of this shit! tomorrow im gonna snap...and im gonna tell him exactly what i think of him what i think. seriously...he said he was gonna kick my ass for "bumping into" him. it was sum stupid plan that i was messin with at lunch. and then evan goes back to him and he says that he can care less about me....well fuck u ass hole!!!!!!! I HATE THAT PLACE! im too pisssed to type now...later...and dont forget...screw the world!!!
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2002|04:59 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |vanessa carlton "thousand miles"]

Take the Which Spider-Man Character Are You? quiz by ZyberGoat

damn rite! i get to make out with a super hero and kick sum ass too!

Which era in time are you?

nirvana rulz. hehe...cept i dont understand the used to be kewl part. dammit...i rock...at least...it would be kewl if i did. seriously..i think i do. and not in a bitchy type of way..but like a confidence sorta thing...lol.-
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(no subject) [Jun. 1st, 2002|07:04 pm]
[Current Music |evan * jaron "the distance"]

im listening to evan and jaron and im being totally contemplative. i kinda feel at piece. im thinking about what makes me happiest most ::shane:: and then i think about carson (the guy in my story that i cant seem to realize is not real) its heaven. i can stay like this forever.
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2002|07:08 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]
[Current Music |aol radio]

heres sum new quizzes for u guyz...have fun..laterz
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